Photography By Curt Degler

All Images: C. Degler 2003
Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited

I have been photographing underwater since the early 1980s, using primarily a pair of Nikonos IIIs with both wideangle and closeup lenses.
I have used my diving and photographic skills to shoot in both Northern and Southern California as well as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, The caves of the Yucatan and Florida and even the Indo Pacific.
Other "kinds" of bodies of water have also seen my underwater camera work - for a small sample of this work go to:
To say I have a whole lot of slides in my closet is a small understatement!
I am particularly proud of the photographs you see here, all 1:2 closeups, because they are the first photos taken by me while diving to depths well in excess of the usual sport diving limits.

I hope you enjoy them!